Condor Men’s Dakota Steel Toe Work Boot

There are numerous individuals who have occupations in the heavy industries who are still trying to decide whether they really need a pair of safety boots. Safety boots, like those with a steel toe, can be a bit uncomfortable, and many worry that the steel-toe segment of the footwear will cut off air circulation and make their feet hot and clammy.

Even though steel-toe boots have their drawbacks, the reason why personnel working in mining, construction, and electronic industries are required to wear steel-toe footwear is due to safety reasons.

Without wearing them, the worker will be exposed to various occupational hazards, and more often than not, companies are not always geared up to take on any kind of risk. If heavy equipment and debris were to drop onto the feet of a worker, the steel toe boots are there to help prevent serious injuries.

Maybe you need a new pair to replace your old one, so here is a review of the Condor Men’s Dakota Steel Toe Work Boot. It is made with authentic pig nubuck leather for durability and lightweight properties. The steel-toe casing guarantees better protection, and its polyurethane insole provides comfort and padding. For more information, read the rest of the review.


  • ASTM F 2413-11 certified steel toe
  • Has AM-TECH direct soling technology
  • Includes ultra-cushioning and PU (polyurethane) midsole
  • Includes TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) outsole
  • Has detachable PU (polyurethane) insole
  • Has wider width
  • Made with 100% nubuck leather


In order to uphold the safety and protect the welfare of laborers, many companies have applied and enforce rules regarding the use of PPEs, or protective personal equipment, in places of work. Heavy industries are often at risk of occupational hazards so workers are obligated to wear safety garb, from helmets down to steel-toe work boots.

These steel-toe boots, as mentioned before, provide protection by surrounding the toes, which are vulnerable to the dangers of falling debris or heavy equipment and tools. Individuals will often choose safety over an injured foot, even if wearing safety gear can be a little uncomfortable.

However, this discomfort has been addressed by manufacturers of safety gear and these issues have been addressed.  Designs now have features which make wearing this type of boot comfortable, and in the case of the Condor Men’s Dakota model, wearing this pair will make work in demanding locations comfortable for your feet.

The boots feature ultra-cushioning and flexible polyurethane midsoles for superior comfort and support. It also includes thermoplastic polyurethane outsoles that have oil and grease-resistant properties for better traction, abrasion resistance, which have passed flexibility tests.

Furthermore, the boots also feature removable insoles made with polyurethane for additional comfort and to minimize the impact on the feet.

Condor Outdoor Products Inc. has been making outdoor and tactical products for more than 20 years, and to this day, continue to expand their line and infuse their products with the latest in gear and footwear technology. Loyal customers often take note of the company’s wonderful craftsmanship, and a keen eye for the needs of active men, women and the heavy industry workforce.

Customers who appreciated their Dakota steel toe boots said that the boots displayed an excellent, snug fit, have superb waterproofing qualities, and are decently lightweight for a steel-toe boot.

They all agreed that the boots were comfortable, and wearing them would be even more comfortable if the boots were supplemented with padded insoles. Several customers also appreciated that it has correct sizing. Many recommend the product to other customers who are looking for good work boots.


It was not safe from complaints though. One customer said that he was disappointed with the boots’ inner liners, saying the liners got uncomfortable after using them all day. However, as other customers said, the discomfort issue can be solved by adding padded insoles.


It is agreed: The Condor Men’s Dakota Steel Toe Work Boot is something that you should try out if you are looking for a worthy pair of safety boots. According to many, the boots have the correct sizing, were comfortable throughout, have a snug fit, and are quite sturdy.

They provide decent support for the ankles and the feet, and it is a nice pair for the price. We recommend buying this pair of boots for yourself.