Dexter Men’s Douglas Steel Toe Work Boot

A good pair of working boots undergoes rigid tests to pass industry standards. It has to pass these standards in order to maximize protection for its wearer. These days, people who work in industrial and construction settings are required to wear protective gear to prevent accidents and injuries on the site.

Safety footwear, like steel-toe boots, have to be surveyed and evaluated rigorously, under all-weather conditions and in specific situations to guarantee that the footwear is perfectly able to endure the expected abuse.

Acquiring a good pair of work boots will absolutely do more than just safeguard you from harm. What makes a pair of work boots exceptional will be different from one individual to the next. For many though, important factors like durability, comfort, and safety are top factors that should be included in a pair of work boots.

In this review, we are going to talk about the Dexter Men’s Douglas Steel Toe Work Boot. This is one work boot that is a smooth and comfortable pair, plus it comes in a selection of colors from chamois to black.


  • Has sleek and smooth, strong upper with laces
  • Includes cushioned collar and tongue
  • Includes synthetic steel toe cap
  • Has mesh lining
  • Includes memory foam insoles
  • Has oil and grease-resistant lug outsole
  • Provides plenty of toe room for comfort


For most companies, the safety of their laborers is crucial. Hence, companies are often obligated to take precautionary measures rather than face problems, like injured personnel. Steel-toe boots safeguard the feet and toes from mishaps, and the hardness of this footwear is quite comparable to hard hats worn by construction workers.

The boots support the ankle of the wearer and prevents crush and puncture injuries, which makes it a must-wear for workers in heavy industries. There are numerous governmental supervisory agencies which make it a prerequisite for workers to wear steel-toe or work boots.

It is the responsibility of every worker to follow these safety regulations, and they should invest in quality steel-toe boots. There are many brands and styles of work boots available now, and this Douglas Steel Work Boot model from Dexter is one of them.

While on the hunt for safety boots, you must guarantee that they are made with prime, durable materials, like quality leather. Excellent materials will help safeguard the feet from injury. The boots must also be high enough to conceal the ankle of the wearer for better support.

One of the most important factor that you have to consider when looking for a work boot is the size. You should make sure that the pair you are going for provides a snug fit. This Douglas model has a snug, comfortable fit which makes it cozy enough for long hours. Customers who were satisfied with their purchase took note that the boots have a sound fit and wearing them kept them comfortable while working.

According to one customer, the boots precisely fit their feet. This is important—the footwear should not have any gaps between the sides or the toes, in the front or at the back of the feet. It must fit properly for better protective qualities. The boots must also feature a good arch to support the feet in times of pressure, or exhaustion.

Steel-toe work boots are crucial for personnel at construction, mining, manufacturing, and other industries where specific hazards exist.


As mentioned earlier, many who bought the Douglas work boot mentioned that the pair provided a good, snug fit. However, there were a few negatives, and the most common these was the boots’ lack of durability.

Many complained that after 2 to 3 months of usage, the boots displayed signs of giving in to wear and tear. The boots were also vulnerable to moisture and allowed water to seep inside, according to one customer.

Another complained that he was normally wearing the boots and not exploiting their use when they broke down, never to be worn again. While they have a decent steel-toe casing, only the tip of his toes were protected. He added that there was material falling on the middle arch and it went through the boots’ leather, which means they provided no protective qualities in this area.


The Dexter Men’s Douglas Steel Toe Worker Boot acquired decent points in terms of snug fit, comfort, and steel-toe casing. However, there were many who complained that it was not sturdy and durable enough.

While the boots looked great, they might not be up for long hours spent in industrial and construction sites. It can be worn though as a fashion statement at best or as regular shoes. If you want durability, you are better off with products from the Timberland and Condor Men’s lines.