Golden Fox Men’s Lightweight Work Boots Review

Working in occupations that demand effort and managing manual tasks can do a number on your body. All that standing around dealing with heavy equipment and carrying hefty items can cause stress to your body, particularly your feet.

Workers on industrial and construction sites are required to wear steel-toe work boots, and that can be uncomfortable after a while; this is the reason lightweight boots were made.

For this review, we are going to look at the Golden Fox Men’s Lightweight Work Boots. The pair features a PU, or polyurethane, outsole and promises to deliver better shock absorption, a reliable performance, and comfort. The boots are made with superb oil-tanned leather and have a Goodyear welt construction.


  • Made with oil-tanned full grain leather
  • Includes pigskin collar
  • Has leather strap
  • Includes mesh lining
  • Includes dual-cushion comfort insoles
  • Has Bontex foot board
  • Oil and slip-resistant
  • Includes PU (polyurethane) wedge sole
  • Has Goodyear welt construction


Lightweight work boots offer many benefits, apart from taking in excessive pressure off of the wearer’s feet. A pair of lightweight boots of great quality can also include premium features that will make wearing such boots more comfortable for the wearer.

A good pair of work boots must have safety features like a steel toe for better protection against falling items and heavier loads. It should be abrasion-resistant, and must be sturdy and durable, yet still capable of providing comfort.

Comfort is a must-have characteristic of a good work boot since the wearer has to use them for an extended period of time, over the course of the work. day Excellent work boots are kind to your feet and for maximum comfort, they have items like additional cushioning and soft, stretchy materials that will back up your feet and deliver decent movement for the wearer for longer hours.

The Golden Fox Men’s Lightweight work boots’ break-in period is short and quite trifling, but still, you have to break them in before you get accustomed wearing the pair. This means you can begin wearing them at work, but the boots will still feel a bit rigid for the time being. As soon as the break-in period is over, the union of oil-tanned leather, and mesh materials on its uppers, leads to an ultra-flexible, soft and comfortable feel.

The pair is slip-resistant and can withstand usual concerns like oil and water. When it comes to waterproofing and insulation, the boots have water-repelling properties but it will not be able to endure higher amounts of moisture. The pair also provides decent insulation for individuals working in locations with moderate climate.

Customers who were satisfied with their Golden Fox purchase shared that they appreciate the workings of the pair. According to one customer, the leather of the boots was soft straight out of the package, and it looks nice. One customer also added that the company has excellent customer service—they were amiable and accommodating by email.

The majority of satisfied customers said that the boots were good for the price.


Some customers experienced problems with the pair. One customer said that the removable insole of the boots was insubstantial and its midsole was fairly thick and did not provide the same level of shock absorption that you experience with high-end work boots.

Another said that its arch support was weak.  In addition, another customer said that while the boots did well in the slip-resistant department, they did not have any type of authentic grooves on it, which means that it will not be capable of providing excellent traction.


The Golden Fox Men’s Lightweight Work Boots have their benefits—the boots performed decently for the price, but you will still benefit even better if you invest in other boots with better quality. However, if you want a pair of boots with a tough, yet stylish appearance, and don’t wear them for work, then this pair will do the job.

It is lightweight enough for casual wear and it can stand a bit of rain; however, do not think of immersing them longer in any depth of water, in case you live in wet locations. If you want a pair that will stand up to a demanding environment, you may have to look somewhere else and consider other models.