GW Men’s 1606ST Steel Toe Work Boots Review

The workplace is an unpredictable area, especially when it comes to construction sites and areas. Since these are potentially dangerous places, workers, bosses, and visitors alike take extra care to protect themselves from any harm that may befall them.

Harm and accidents come in many forms such as falling debris or even machinery. Literally, anything can go wrong, and the implications can be career or even life threatening. This is why protecting yourself must be given priority. An example of a must-have is steel toe work boots, which will protect your feet from any possible danger.

The GW Men’s 1606ST Steel Toe Work Boots are cheap but great, and this is evidently seen in the number of buyers and users. It’s hard to find a pair of boots as durable as these.


  • These boots are made of genuine leather and come in different colors
  • These boots feature a rubber sole and steel toe for additional durability
  • The heel measures 1.5″, while its platform measures approximately 0.75″
  • The shaft measures approximately 5″ from the arch
  • The insole is supported by Good Year welt
  • The outsole is slip resistant, adding to the reasons why it helps protect the wearer


Focus on your work without any worries with these GW Men’s 160ST Steel Toe Work Boots. With a non-slip rubber outsole, you will feel confident that you will be able to strut your stuff during work.

When it comes to material, these boots were made using genuine and top-of-the-line quality leather that gives you the feeling that the shoes will last for a very long time. In fact, they do! Some reviews have reported that after more than two years, their existing pair is still almost as good as new; this is after extensively using the steel toe boots.

Reasonably priced, these steel-toe boots are more affordable compared to other boots and working shoes. However, even though they are considered affordable, the shoes are top-of-the-line when it comes to quality.

Aside from being made out of genuine leather, the boots are also equipped with premium water resistance so that your feet remain dry even when trekking through rain puddles and even snow.

Customer reviews rave about how easy it is to adjust to the steel-toe work boots—no experiences of discomfort, even when they’re just being broken in. Some of the more expensive boots are not even half as comfortable as these.

Talking about how it protects the sole, it also has steel reinforcements on the outsole in case of any danger from the underside. Through rain, snow, or shine, the GW Men’s steel toe shoes will be your perfect walking buddies.

Interestingly, this brand is also popular with those who are not in the construction industry. Many people buy these shoes for their cutting-edge style and comfort, which they use during regular days.


Despite overwhelming reviews from satisfied customers, there is still some negative feedback. Since the pride of this brand is its durability, that is what buyers expect. However, some are disappointed. One reviewer experienced wearing these boots for three nights straight only when the front of one boot ripped and the steel toe was visible from the outside.

Some reported that the soles easily pulled away from the boots, which is another disappointment. As for comfort, some buyers have experienced stiffness and said that their toes got squished while walking.

These boots didn’t make their working experience any better. Despite claims of other customers that you will not feel any pain even when breaking them in, a few buyers have complained about the initial stiffness and heaviness.

There are also cheaper boots available that provide more comfort than these, according to some buyers. Basically, different customers have different preferences and different feet. Though these work boots are popular and trusted by a large number of people, some do not find its characteristics perfect for their preference.


Comfort, style, and durability—these are the three things you look for when purchasing steel-toe work boots. The GW Men’s 1606ST definitely excels in these three categories. So, to protect you from any punctures whether from above or below, you will definitely work better as you focus more on your duties, rather than thinking about possible dangers to your feet.

Priced reasonably, the GW Men’s 1606ST is of better quality than other branded names which cost the same. If you are looking for affordable steel-toe work boots, stop looking because this is it; it’s worth a try, according to a number of satisfied and loyal customers.

Overall, when you buy this pair, you get more than you would usually get from other boots of the same price range.