Safety Steel Toe Men’s Leather Work Boot Review

When it comes to working, we want to put our best foot forward. This can be both figuratively and literally. However, it’s hard to feel confident walking around the job site when you are constantly worrying about sharp objects that might fall on you, or you might step on.

This is why a good pair of working boots is a good investment. With the right pair, you can strut around the workplace without worrying about your feet. Quality shoes will do more than just protect you from stepping on something sharp or penetrating, or protect your feet from falling objects. Quality boots can also prevent accidents like slipping and falling, which can lead to critical injuries.

The American Rugged Safety Steel Toe Men’s Leather Work Boots are one of the top work boots favored and trusted by many. Made with quality materials, they are known to be comfortable and durable. They are heavy-duty construction, quality work boots.


  • These heavy-duty work boots are water resistant
  • They are made from thick leather uppers with double to triple stitches for extra durability and toughness
  • The soles are made from rubber
  • The pair is built to last with its 360° Goodyear welt-stitched construction
  • The outsoles are engineered with rugged rubber tread on multiple surfaces
  • The boots come with superior padded insulated linings for extra protection
  • The collar is also double padded for a comfortable fit around the ankle
  • The outsoles are oil and slip resistant, as well as resistant to chemical and water abrasion


The toughness and hardness of these safety steel-toe leather work boots are of top-notch industrial quality. They are made to withstand tough conditions, and they are built to last for a long time. The insides are padded with thick linings, for a cushion-like experience which also doubles for added protection.

The padding and insulation work great because you feel at ease with every step. Comfort in the workplace will lead to added efficiency because you are more focused on your job. A lot of buyers have provided positive feedback that these work boots feel good and last for a number of months before giving up.

The boots are made using Goodyear welt construction which means that they can be resoled over and over again. Because of this, the work boots’ lifespan is extended for years, or even decades.

At its price, you get a pair of leather work boots, which you can wear with comfort, all day, every day at work. Aside from feeling good on your feet, you won’t have to worry about getting your feet in trouble, thanks to its steel toe. The boots’ rugged outsoles are designed so that aside from enabling you to move seamlessly, the grip on different surfaces and terrains is also excellent.

Some buyers were pleasantly surprised upon purchasing these boots, because according to them, the work boots were better than they expected, especially because they are so affordable.


As one of the most popular work boots available on the market, the American Rugged Safety Steel Toe Men’s Leather Work Boots already has an established customer base and loyal buyers.

There are a few negative reviews that can be viewed online. Some of these complaints are about their feet aching more because of the heaviness of the pair. Some have reported that even after a few weeks of trying to break in the boots, the pain in their toes just kept worsening.

While some buyers were initially happy with their comfort while wearing, some were disheartened after trying to walk in the heavy shoes. Another thing to watch out for is that they get scratched easily, according to a few reviewers.

Some have also reported that upon wearing the boots, they felt something like a nail sticking up inside the shoe—which can be a cause of more complicated foot injuries. Then there are some who reported that the toes of the boots are narrower than other brands, so this might not be an advisable purchase for those with wider feet.

Other negative feedback is about the unpleasant smell upon unboxing. Some buyers could not seem to remove the sort of toxic and rubbery smell of the boots, and they find this irritating.


The American Rugged Safety Steel Toe Men’s Leather Work Boots have stood the test of time and have remained on top of the list of top steel-toed work boots. Though there are some mixed customer reviews because of different customer preferences, the durability is unquestionable.

Designed to last for years, the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship result in a comfortable and durable pair of work boots that will enable you to put your best foot forward at work.