Skechers for Work Men’s 77009 Workshire Relaxed Fit Work Steel Toe Boot

Shoes can make or break your day. When you’re comfortable and at ease, you tend to go about your day in a good mood. But when your feet hurt, your mood tends to follow. You become irritated, annoyed, and easily angered.

This also holds true especially in stressful jobs. Jobs on construction sites are included in the most strenuous jobs because of the high risk of injuries. Workers are always on the go, and they never know when hazards might strike. These hazards include falling objects, machine-related accidents, or even something as simple as stepping on a sharp object.

The good thing is steel-toe work boots are manufactured by different companies to meet the needs of those who spend a lot of time on job sites. One of the best is the Skechers 77009 Workshire Steel Toe Boot for men. Yes, you heard that right—the brand known as one that manufactures sneakers has also ventured into the working shoes industry.

Built for comfort and safety, the boots are made with outstanding craftsmanship to give you the best footwear experience for your working days.


  • These Skechers boots are made of stunning quality leather
  • The boots come with rubber soles
  • The shaft is approximately 5.25″ from the arch and the heel is around 1.5”
  • The platform measures approximately 0.75″
  • The boots give the wearer a relaxed fit
  • The boots come with padded collar and tongue as well as a lace-up front design
  • The boots feature removable memory foam for added comfort
  • Skechers steel-toe boots are slip resistant, adding to its safety measures
  • The boots come with an electrical hazard safe design


Skechers might not be the first name you would hear when inquiring about good work boots. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that the Skechers 77009 Workshire is reliable.

Focusing on keeping the wearer safe, these boots have a steel safety toe which can protect your feet against items that weigh as much as 75 pounds. The design itself also applies the electrical hazard safe design for maximum protection.

You also don’t have to worry about slipping, because the boots’ outer soles are made of high-quality rubber. The rubber sole is resistant to oil and abrasion. The boots’ traction is great for the times when you need to be carrying items over unstable surfaces.

Another great feature is the pull-tab at the back of the ankle. Its purpose is to assist the wearer to pull on and pull off the heavy boots. The boots are roomier compared to others which usually fit snug; with these work boots, your feet have room to move.

While other boots initially, make it a bit difficult to move in, the 77009 Workshire boasts easier movement because of their rubber traction and flexible sole.

These comfortable boots will also stay with you for a long time because the heel and side panel overlays add durability to the parts that would otherwise easily scuff.

Positive reviews dominate with buyers expressing how much they love the comfort the shoes bring. Aside from being comfortable and being able to do their job well, these boots also look stylish, which expanded its market to buyers who don’t even go to construction sites.


Some have found the boots to be too thin and lacking in comfort and support. Some reviews shared that the insoles could have been thicker. The toes are also a bit narrow, according to some reviewers; because the toes are too narrow, the boots are uncomfortable to wear especially if you are standing and walking the whole day.

A small percentage of those who found the work boots comfortable have also reviewed the work boot’s durability. According to some, pieces of the boots start wearing out during the first few days of breaking in the shoes. Some have even reported that the boots only lasted for one and a half months—disappointing, to say the least. A number of workers could feel the gravel that they walk on.

Though they claim to be waterproof, reviews stare that this feature needs an extra bit of work. If you plan on getting the boots wet, consider this your warning. They are not recommended for water exposure, but they are good for working.


Though Skechers is a brand more known for its sneakers rather than its work boots, the 77009 Workshire is a good deal for its price and features. Buying these boots is not too painful for your wallet, and you’ll get a comfortable and durable pair. The safety features will ensure that you are out of harm’s way when at work.