Stanley Men’s Dropper Steel-Toe Work Boot Review

Working at a job site, such as a construction site, can be stressful and worrying because of all the lurking hazards and dangers. It takes brave workers to go to work every day, not knowing if something might happen to them which could end their career.

Even a simple accident such as tripping or slipping might lead to something worse. This is why workers invest in the right gear which can help protect them all throughout the day.

Steel-toe boots have long become a staple, especially for people who regularly deal with physically demanding tasks, such as those who work on construction sites, like engineers or the workers themselves. However, looking for the perfect steel-toe boots for work can be a job in itself, because they have to be just right for the job.

If there’s a pair that seems to have been made for facing the dangers of the job, it’s the Stanley Boots Wellington Dropper ST work boot, which is unlike any other steel-toe work boot. With its stylish physical appearance comes comfort and durability to allow you to be the best man in the field. Trusted by workers, you will definitely not go wrong with these leather boots.


  • This pair of steel toe work boots come with a waterproof upper featuring dual pull-on tabs near the scalloped opening
  • The boots are also made using Goodyear welt construction, making it more durable than other brands
  • The boots have a removable EVA insole
  • These boots have confidently met the ASTM standards F2413-11 and is rated I/75 and C/75, including electric hazard resistance
  • The rubber outsoles make the boots slip and oil resistant


The Stanley Boots Wellington Dropper ST work boots put safety and comfort at the top of their list of priorities. Made especially for tough men on the job, these boots are even tougher. They are made from full-grain leather and they remain insanely comfortable and relaxing on the feet.

Unlike other work boots, the Stanley Boots are pull-on, not lace-up; this makes them easy to put on and pull off, adding to the convenience and efficiency. From the moment you pull these on, you will experience the excellent cushioning provided by the EVA midsole and padded interior lining. Aside from feeling the comfort at once, you will also get an idea how solid the boots really are.

The steel toe is top notch and can withstand different sorts of working conditions. The hex lug sole also provides good traction and will enable you to walk around the job site easily. You can walk on uneven surfaces gracefully, and these working boots will keep you balanced and on track.

Utility linemen will appreciate the extra ankle support and protection these leather boots provide. Made from waterproof material, soggy and wet surfaces are no problem.

While other heavy-duty boots might need a few days for breaking in, a lot of customers have reported that the Stanley Boots Wellington Dropper ST seem to have been molded specially for their feet; they are a pleasure to walk and work in. Though they fit perfectly, this doesn’t mean it’s snug and narrow; rather there’s just enough room for you to wear socks.

Basically, everything you would want in a work boot seems to have been thought of by the company. The Stanley work boots are light, breathable, and have just the right amount of insulation needed to keep your toes all right during cold temperatures.


While the build is good and comfortable, some linemen have reported that the “extra” ankle support still seems to lack, especially on uneven ground. Some buyers have also reported that they find the shank a little too wide, but that there are no adjustments anywhere to tighten that part.

Some buyers have also provided feedback that the boots are too loose around their calves, so these boots might not be a good fit for those who have skinny legs.

Since these boots are pull-up and not lace-up, this might not be the preference of some people who still prefer lacing up their boots.


Overall, the Stanley Men’s Dropper Steel Toe work boots are a gift from the gods for those who need them the most. Soft on the inside, but tough outside, these comfortable and durable leather boots are the epitome of what it takes to be the best man for the job.

Though there are a few negative reviews when it comes to the fit and extra support for the ankles, the positive reviews are overflowing. Even those who have given some critical reviews have also claimed that the boots look great and might work well for others who have different working conditions.